Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yes. We're Still Waiting.....

I bet you're getting tired of looking at pictures of Marmalade.  She's pretty much my farm focus right now and then once she does farrow the piglets will hopefully be the focus.  This is her first litter, so I'm hoping she proves to be a good mom. 

I've read up on the indication that farrowing is getting near.

A few signs are that she builds a nest, gets restless, and stops eating.   Marmalade hasn't built a big nest yet, but she does create a "well" of hay where she sleeps.  No restlessness and she's definitely still eating!

Another sign is that her teats grow and bag out.

I think she's getting veeeery close!

Other signs are that the vulva slackens and begins to redden.

Looks about right.

And one other sign I've read about is that as the back muscles relax due to impending birth, the little sticking out "hood" starts to point straight out or up.

It looks like she's getting there

But I like best the one very sure way an old farmer said you'll know that your pig is going to farrow....

She's ready when you squeeze the teat and the milk hits you in the eye.

The weather is a little warmer now so we're past the crisis of birthing in horribly cold weather.  I'll keep you updated!

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