Thursday, January 5, 2017

Goodbye Christmas 2016

I guess it's time to take down the lights...

This picture is crazy blurry because I rushed out in my robe, freezing!, and rushed back in.  Don't you love the colored lights?  I liked the white light trend when it first came out - it looked so elegant - but now I've gone back to the colored twinkly lights of long ago.  I tried to go back to those big giant glass bulbs.  After cleaning up lots of paper thin shards of glass I decided they break far too easily and tangle like nobodies business!

I suppose the tree must be put away for another year too.  I call my tree theme "nostalgic".  Seriously though.  I'm not into themed trees.  I like to put up all of the ornaments I've received or bought over the years and sit in the evenings and relive the memories of when they came into my life.   

Again, my mantel decorations are nostalgic.  They were gifts or things that we picked up in our travels.  Memories!

Two beautiful gifts. 

Now winter has closed in with a freezing vengeance.  We're in the bleak days of winter.  But, I just saw something that said there were only 10 Mondays until spring!  

Still no piglets.  We turned on the heat lamp because inevitably our gilt will farrow on the coldest night of the year!  

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