Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Autumn Odds and Ends

I had to go out to the Ulysses, Pennsylvania area yesterday for a cross country track meet and while I was there I decided I would pick up the dog carrier I had accidentally left at an Amish homestead.  

To explain, about two weeks ago, after asking around, I found an Amish family that butchers chickens.  I brought them 24 chickens I had raised.  The $3 a bird butchering fee was worth every single penny!  

Yesterday's drive through the countryside was absolutely lovely.  I wish I had taken more photos!

I think I may have to start carrying a better camera.  Although my phone takes nice pictures, these photos just don't really capture how lovely it was. 

I've seen paintings and photos of corn shocks, but had never seen them in real life.  The sheep grazing in the background give the photo a nicely bucolic feel. 

A real working windmill.  I think I have windmill envy!

I posted the picture below on my Facebook page with the quotation: "You never know what manner of 'wild' critters you'll find wandering around here". 

The other morning I looked out the window and couldn't grasp what my eyes were seeing.  Two cows were sleeping in the field next to my house!  

I called around and found out that the word "wild" in the quote above should not have quote marks around it.  These two cows have been on the lam for over a month and are truly wild!

The two cows disappeared back into the forest and I don't know if they've yet been captured.


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