Tuesday, October 27, 2015

An Abundance Of Horsey Riches

You know horses are like potato chips and you can't have just one!

I started with Lady.  My little white Arabian-esque girl.

Then added Sassy and Bandit.  My mustang and paint.

And now we've added Ever (with a name change to "Willow" because it suits her so much more) to the crew!

Willow got to participate in her first "horsey beauty shop" day this past weekend.  She was terribly nervous at first, but calmed down and enjoyed the attention.  

Lady got a very special mane treatment.  

Horse yawn.  She's bored.  This took a long time to finish!

Doesn't it look lovely?  Our exchange student, Jaque, did the majority of the work.  I just finished the bottom row.

I think Flower must sense the cold weather coming.  I caught her "making her bed".

We've opened the fence between Flower and Tigger for breeding.  Funny thing...  Tigger will NOT cross the invisible line of the opened fence.  Flower has no problem walking back and forth, but he is frightened to death of it!

Fall is definitely in the air here.  There's been ice on the water buckets!

* Update.  Flower went into heat and that was motivation enough for Tigger to cross the invisible fence line.  

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