Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Idaho Pastured Piglets For Sale.

THESE are the pigs for your small farm!

I have two Idaho Pastured Piglets for sale. 

They have Registered parents and can be registered.   

These are not your normal skinny meat piglets.  This guy and girl are solid little oinkers!  Born January 6th, 2015, they are now six weeks old.  This brother and sister will not be sold as a breeding pair, but a non-related boar or gilt can easily be arranged.  Time is running short for the little guy to be sold as a breeder.  On Monday, February 26th, he will be castrated and be raised as a meat pig.   

Six week old boar. 

Six week old gilt. 

To learn more about Idaho Pastured Pigs and for pricing information please click on the "Idaho Pastured Pigs" link above.  

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