Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bee Worried

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I'm worried that the bees are not going to make it through this next blast from the Artic.  Look at the frigid temperatures we have coming!  

Weather for Coudersport, PA
Light snow21°F | °CThuFriSatSun
Snow ShowersMostly CloudySnowCloudy
Light snow
Wind: SW at 1 mph
Humidity: 83%23°F-8°F12°F7°F25°F-4°F1°F-13°F

The beehives have held on for so very long (I've listened with my ear against the hives to hear the oh so lovely humming) and now I know the bees have got to be getting low on food supplies. 

When I closed up the hives in the fall I left them with a sugar board on top for extra food and I tried a new (to me) contraption called a hive quilt to keep them warmer and reduce humidity in the hive.  I hope, hope, hope, that these extras gave the bees the edge they need.  

Cross your fingers for the bees and any of the hives that make it through this winter will be split at least once in the late spring. Hopefully this will help settle the swarming issues we had last year!  As a bonus, it gives us new hives.  

In anticipation of some hive losses, I've ordered five packages of bees from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm for the spring.  We're hoping to expand our bee operation across the road from our house.  

With the cold weather and the challenges the bees face, I think that a prayer would be entirely appropriate and I came across this lovely "Blessing of the Bees."  

Blessing of Bees

Lord God, Almighty, who didst create heaven and earth, and all the animals that live in the air and on the earth for the use of man; Thou who hast directed that the ministers of Thy holy Church should light candles made of beeswax when the holy sacrifice is offered in which the Sacred Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, Thy Son, becomes present and is consumed; send down Thy blessing on these bees, that they may multiply and be fruitful and be preserved from all harm so that the product of their labor may be used to Thy honor, and to the honor of Thy Son, and the Holy Spirit, and the most blessed Virgin Mary. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Translated by Most Reverend J. H. Schlarman Bishop of Peoria

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