Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bourbon Red Turkeys Get A New Home

We finally got our Bourbon Red Turkeys moved outside.  Here is they are loving their new pen.  We had to put a top on this pen as these turkeys are great flyers.  Luckily, my father had sent me fishing net - the kind used down in Florida - and it makes a great lightweight cover.  The turkeys are loving life... now.  Unfortunately, we lost two hens to predators before we figured out how they were getting into the pen.  We think we have it handled now.  But, boy, there's nothing like a caged turkey to call in all forms of predatory wildlife!  

We hope that the turkeys will breed, set on eggs, and eventually we'll have extra turkeys and will be able to sell Thanksgiving dinners.  Cross your fingers!

Yes, I know I sound goofy trying to get the tom to gobble.  Its amazing the silliness to which animals will drive you!

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