Sunday, March 9, 2014

You Won't Believe What We Captured While Tapping Maple Trees!

Maple season is here!  The trees were dripping watery droplets as we drilled into them.  This means the sap is running and we'll be boiling for maple syrup before we know it!

My son went with me into the forest and we formed a very efficient crew if I do say so myself!

Its very physically demanding to tromp up and down the mountainside in this deep crusty snow.  

One of my favorite parts of maple season is that I know true spring can't be too far behind!  the leaf buds are beginning to swell on some of the trees. 

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without a little adventure!

To go to mountainside where we tap our trees we have to drive through a large goat pasture.  I meant to drive my car up closer to the sugarbush so we wouldn't have to haul our equipment, but the snow was too deep so I parked it near the goat houses and we walked up instead.  

While we were working I started thinking, "what if the goats start climbing up on my car?"  I bet they could do a lot of damage!  My son went down to where we had left our coats and bag to get a drink and I asked him to take a look down the mountain and see if the car was o.k.  All of the sudden I heard him yelling and I went running down the mountain.  

When I got to the car I saw this.

This silly, curious doe had stuck her head in my car's wheel well.  Her horns were stuck and she couldn't pull her head out!

The other goats were no help.  The herd just stood back and gawked at her.  You can almost hear them whispering to one another, "someone needs to fix that." 

The doe's horn was stuck under a flap in the wheel well.  We pushed and pulled and twisted her head  and turned the car's tire.  We had to lift her up at the shoulders!  And of course she bleated piteously the whole time. Finally, we were able to pull her free.  

She ran for it and I could only get a shot of her as she rounded the corner!

Safe and sound with her herd.  I bet this curious doe will stay away from cars for awhile!

Mr. Billy Goat carefully checked us out.  I wasn't sure if he was thanking us or getting ready to butt us for leaving our car where his ladies would get into trouble.  

We learned our lesson.  We moved the car out of the pasture to keep from having any more goat adventures!


  1. Well, if those were MY goats, they'd have their head BACK in the wheel well in about four and a half minutes. Glad nobody was hurt.

  2. Funny critters, goats, my husband has had them. It's an adventure I have still in my future.