Sunday, March 2, 2014

Jumping The Gun: Green Growing Things

I know I'm jumping the gun in getting my spring planting going.  But just one little flat of cold weather greens is o.k., isn't it?  

My extra early spring planting list:

Fresh Heart Lettuce
Lolla Rosa Lettuce 
Corn Salad
Pak Choi
Green Oakleaf Lettuce
Swiss Chard: Red and White Mix
Kale: Vates Blue Curled
Swiss Chard: Flamingo
Buttercrunch Lettuce 
and Smooth Leaf Spinach

What do you think of my new growing shelves?  I picked up cheap plastic shelving and grow lights.  The hubby drilled holes, added chains to hang the lights, and voila!  simple easy seed starting center.

I hope, that I'll be getting enough warmth in the high tunnel by the time these are ready to be planted in the ground.  I'm pretty sure I'll have to use row covers.  

Oh, the excitement of the first green growing things!


  1. Where does one find a suitable grow light like the one you are using in your set-up? We have a few tomato seeds that we plan to start soon, but need to find a grow light to help them along.

  2. I use the plant and aquarium grow lights I found at Walmart. Home Depot has longer ones.

  3. Your set-up looks a lot like the one my sister has in her place in Ontario where everything (mostly, I guess) has to be started inside and then transplanted outside.

    1. I found that it seems to go so much better if I do transplants rather than direct seeding with most things.