Sunday, February 9, 2014

Barley Makes Beer

I know many of my friends will get a kick out of this because as everyone knows I do love my wine.  

I have to apologize to my readers for not posting as much as I should or would, but with my Mom's passing on January 1st I've been very busy getting her affairs in order.  After we have the Estate Sale next weekend I hope to get back to posting more regularly. 

Besides, how many pictures of really crappy, snowy, frigidly cold weather can I post?

This was beautiful in December.  In February... not so much!

All the critters are doing fine and we're all just dreaming of days when I don't have to haul hot buckets of water and trudge through knee deep snow.  

I'll begin starting transplants for very early planting in the high tunnel soon and you'll be reading all about it. 

In the meantime, please bear with me.   

Think Spring.


  1. Oh I know what you mean, as much as I love fresh fallen snow and taking photos in it ~ we have gotten far more than our share lately .
    I must admit I am yearning for Spring today after this recent snowstorm.

  2. My sympathy for your mom's passing. I lost my mom the first of the year too. It's a shock even tho I knew it was coming.