Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Havarti Cheese - Yum

We visited Atlee Miller, a metal worker from our local Amish community, last week to get some stove pipe made for our maple evaporator.  The people in our Amish community always have at least two, three, or even more, enterprises going and the Millers happened to be selling goat cheese.  So I bought a five pound block of some awesome Havarti goat cheese.  This giant hunk of cheese will fit perfectly into my Pantry Challenge.

The label reads:

Farmstead Fresh
A Step Above Organic
Semi-soft Raw Milk Cheese
Ingred: Raw Goat Milk, Cultures, Vegetable Enzymes, and Sea Salt
(then the nutrition information)
MFG. for 
Farmstead Fresh, Inc.
Winfield PA 17889
Aged over 60 days

This stuff is good.

It's a lot of cheese and I worried that it would get moldy before I could use it up.  The Amish guys told me that I could wrap the cheese in a vinegar dampened cloth to prevent mold.   

Now, where can I find good recipes using Havarti cheese?


  1. I also have a weakness of buying up cheese when I visit our Amish Area. Mostly because I am such a bad cheese maker;) But I freeze mine and it comes out of the freezer fine, some makes are a little more crumbly than others. But since I do not have a refrigerator I think I will try that vinegar trick with the blocks I have out for eating. Thanks.

  2. Freezing sounds like a good idea. I'll test a bit and see how this batch freezes.

  3. I have heard a lot of people talking about goat cheese. I am going to have to give it a try

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  5. You know, the best grilled cheese sandwiches are made from Havarti. Or try making a milder Croque Monsieur. I also found this really good tasting Havarti Chicken recipe the other day. Perhaps you can give it a try as well?

  6. Welcome Ron! Sara, thank you for the recipes. They'll all be used!

  7. WOW!! That's a lotta cheese! :)
    Havarti is one of my favorites and I really, really like dill Havarti. I have been making my own goat cheese for awhile now but haven't gotten past chevre and Queso Blanco but I do make dill Queso Blanco.

  8. Candy, someday I would love to make my own cheese. Chevre? Yum!