Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Down To Three Pigs

We took the largest of our pigs to Painter's Meat Processing in Elkland, PA to be prepared for our pig roast this next Saturday.  

First thing in the morning, we pulled our hillbilly livestock trailer into the pig pen and set about trying to catch him.  He knew something was up!  A farming friend told me a trick that involves getting a bucket over a pig's head.  You get the pig to stick his head into a bucket; then you can back them up to just about anywhere.  After a bunch of walking around trying to entice our pig, his greed finally overcame his common sense and I was able to get him to stick his head into the bucket of feed.  It was quick work to push the pig backwards into the trailer and Fitz slammed shut the door. 
We brought the pig to the processor on a Sunday, so he gets put into the holding pens until Monday.  Luckily, just before we brought him into the pens, another person had dropped off two enormous hogs in the pen directly next to him.  He was utterly fascinated.  

As usual, as we were driving off, I felt that little "pang" I get in my heart when I drop off one of the animals I've raised from babyhood.  But, although my heart gets a pang, my head realizes this is part of farming... 


  1. Oh, I bet the bucket over the head pearl of wisdom is going to come in handy for me! I know that little "pang" you talk about, but, you know it's got to be done. Think of that yummy pig roast!

  2. But once he lands on your table, you will be able to show gratefulness and give him thanks for being a pig. The circle closes and on and on we go...

  3. That is why I could never be a farmer. I would want to keep all the animals as "pets".