Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Japanese Beetle Strategy

The Japanese Beetles have arrived.  They aren't doing too much damage to my garden (yet), thank goodness, THAT has enough problems with drought, flea beetles, grasshoppers, rabbits, and groundhogs.  But the beetles are decimating my peach trees!  

Part of my daily routine is to put a little bit of water into a bucket and tap the beetles from the leaves into the bucket.  The little bit of water in the bottom immobilizes them and when they fall down into the bucket it keeps them from flying off.  

Japanese beetles are sly!  When you try to pick them off the leaves they feel the disturbance and just let go of the leaf, drop onto the ground, and disappear.  Put a bucket or cup with a little water in it underneath them and they'll fall neatly into it.  

Chickens LOVE to eat Japanese beetles.  My chickens have figured out to look around when I pour a little bit of water onto the ground and find the beetles.  I've even poured a bit of water into my Japanese beetle trap and then turned it upside down and dumped it out onto the ground (a bonus to this is that I can rehang the same bag).  It's totally disgusting to see the big clumps of Japanese beetles fall out, but those chickens come running!


  1. I am overrun by Japanese Beetles. I have two traps out and I go around a couple of times a day with the Safer spray. It is approved for organic gardening and it does kill them. I get a sadistic pleasure by interrupting their orgies.