Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You Potter Leader-Enterprise Newspaper

 A great big thanks goes out to the Potter Leader-Enterprise (our local newspaper) for the great story about the Coudersport Farmer's Market opening on Memorial Day weekend.

In addition to the great story, I'd like to remind everyone that a Farmer's Market is a community project.  Of course the customers are the most important part!  We don't have a purpose without you!

But I'd like to remember all the different people in the farming community who have contributed to helping our Farmer's Market a better place to shop.

For example, there's Wooleylot Farm, who set up at the Farmer's Market last year with the best garlic you'll ever taste and he's working to develop a Potter County heritage garlic!

There's Tadd Ostroski who specializes in fiery hot peppers - and grows some unique varieties - and is branching into specialty black- and rasp- berries.

 A few years ago, Sean McKeone from McKeone's Orchard and Nursery set up with his fruit trees and a wide variety of potatoes.  We purchased stevia plants and enjoyed tasting the incredibly sweet leaves.

Jim Reed and his family have come to the Farmer's Market and contributed with absolutely beautiful, just-picked, organically grown corn and tomatoes as well as a variety of other organic vegetables.

Joe Bailey, Miles Produce, Gobblers Knob Farm, the list of contributers goes on and on.  Over the years they have all helped to keeping the Farmer's Market alive.     

If you come, we will grow!

Farmer's Market Vendors:  Please remember, we ask that to help build the Coudersport Farmer's Market and as a courtesy to our local Chamber of Commerce (so that we continue to receive our Farmer's Market benefits!), that you set up at the Saturday Farmer's Market for three non-peak days before you enjoy the benefit of being part of the Farmer's Market during peak weekends (i.e. 4th of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and during the Falling Leaves Festival)   

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