Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clean Coop

I was finally able to get the tractor close enough to the chicken coop to clean out a winter's worth of chicken manure.

Wow!  I wear a paper mask for the smell (and bacteria), but I sure wouldn't have minded putting on the full up head covering mask of the old chemical warfare suit I had when I was in the military!

The reason the coop got SO nasty was that for the first part of the year I couldn't clean out the coop because the manure was frozen solid to the floor, then, for the past month, with all the rain, everything has been soaking wet and the tractor would have been stuck in mud up to it's roof!

To say the coop was "humming" would be an understatement.  I think my eyeballs wanted to melt!  I've always kept the nesting boxes clean, but after 10 bucket loads of manure the floor is finally clean and smells... o.k.

P.S.  You know what you get when you mix manure, a day or two of warm weather, and flies... purely disgusting!


  1. Good work, Sharon! Good thing my laptop doesn't have that ''scratch and sniff'' feature yet!!

  2. That's the best all-around natural fertilizer and soil building product available anywhere, when applied after composting.

  3. I mixed the manure/hay mixture with a large amount of fall leaves and put it all into the compost pile.

  4. That’s being very sustainable, and much better for the soil than using any of those synthetic fertilizers. Way to GO!