Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow's Last Gasp?

I had planned to do a blog on the mud and mess we're having, but this morning I woke up to "school cancelled" and this!

Maybe/hopefully this is Mother Nature's last gasp of winter before spring comes?  

We're having a roller coaster of a maple season.  One day there's perfect maple weather, the next day it's too warm - then the following day it's too cold.  We're in a balancing act between good maple weather (days above freezing and nights below freezing) and fearing that the trees will bud - which signals the end of the season!    

This weekend is the Potter/Tioga Maple Weekend, so hopefully the weather will cooperate!    

Something is killing my chickens.  I put out a live trap and last weekend we caught an opossum in it.  Then, we went away on a mini vacation this weekend (before the truly hard work sets in!) and came home to another dead chicken.  I was very angry about this because I could see the beautiful green eggs that it was going to lay inside it.  I set out the live trap again and caught a skunk.  What a stench that created!  


  1. Oh my, a skunk?? Surely you took pictures!

  2. I should have. But he's "gone" now.

  3. We wanted to get some laying hens this year but we have a den of foxes in our lower pasture. I think they would be as hard on the chickens as they have been on our local rabbit population.

  4. It would be like a fast food restaurant for them!