Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Copra Onions

This year I decided to try starting my onions from seeds rather than from sets.  Sets are when you buy little baby onions and plant them to grow into larger onions.  It's a lot less expensive to start them from seed and if it doesn't work, I figure I can always get the sets.  I planted them in mid - February and they're coming along beautifully!

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Courtesy of Johnny's Select Seeds catalog.

I chose "Copra" onions because they are a good all-purpose onion and store well throughout the winter.  Here is the description from the Johnny's Select Seeds catalog. www.johnnyseeds.com

Unsurpassed for storage.
Uniform, "rock-hard" storage onion with early maturity. These medium-sized, dark yellow-skinned storage onions have the preferred blocky round shape with thin necks that dry quickly. Firmness and skin are superior. Copra remains one of the absolute best in our yearly storage trials, staying firm and flavorful after most other varieties have sprouted. Highest in sugar (13°-14°) of the storage onions. Adaptation: 38°-55° latitude. NOTE: Also offered as plants. Packet: 460 seeds.
  Days to Maturity or Bloom:   104

Here are my baby onion plants.  I have two flats of about 250 baby onions starting up. (Don't mind the beer bottle in the bottom picture.  It works beautifully for reaching in under the lights and watering the plants!)  

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  1. I just planted some onion seeds yesterday! It's my first year growing them from seed. Yours look like they are doing great!! Thanks for sharing this post at the Homestead Barn Hop!