Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eggs: Free Range? Cage Free? Organic? Which is Best? You Decide.

Although it's much better to buy organic eggs or cage free eggs, etc. than conventional eggs (those egg factories are terrible), you're often not getting what you think you're paying for!

Here's a chart that let's you know what those different certifications mean.

Some chickens are "required" to have 6 inches of space per bird?  The USDA Organic certification does not require any minimum amount of space but at least the chickens are required to get some sunlight- though I'm not sure if that means five minutes or five hours!

If it's at all possible, your best bet is to find a farm where you can talk to the people about how they raise their chickens and sometimes even see how they're raised.

My chickens live a life of running loose around the yard, eating bugs, and dust bathing when they want. They go into a comfortable coop with roosts every night.  They are never de-beaked (why?) and they have all the daylight exposure they could want!

And they lay the BEST eggs ever!

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  1. Oh, Sharon, reading how you care for your chicken, and knowing that your heart is vested, not for the sake of money but for the sake of doing what is right and providing good, safe food makes me so happy!

    I truly admire what you and Fitz are creating, and you are such a positive inspiration to me!

    I love you!!