Saturday, August 10, 2019

Project Of The Day: Meat Chickens

These cute little puffballs came in the mail yesterday from Ideal Poultry.  They're cornish rock chickens and in six to eight weeks they'll be much, much bigger, have lost their cuteness, and be ready to go in the freezer. 

I moved a group of teenage egg-layers out from the barn and into the chicken coop.  More about the chicken coop later.  We've strengthened it to keep critters at bay.

I know this is a gross picture.  It's one of the odd things I've seen around here lately.  It's a dead bat I found in the driveway.  I can't imagine that the cats got it.  It makes me sad because I find bats to be very interesting.  
I also found a dead snake in the driveway - I don't see snakes around here very much.  It was small - like a garter snake.  
And finally, a coyote has been making daytime runs back and forth across the field next to us.  One of the guys here thinks it's a scout coyote.  

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