Friday, March 22, 2019

Maple Weekend Success And More!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to make the Potter-Tioga Maple Weekend a success!  We had so much fun showing you the sugar shack and the rest of the farm and I hope you liked it as much as we did!  Bones N Banter provided lunch with their delicious brisket and pulled pork sandwiches.  I hope everyone got one because you really missed out if you didn't!

We were excited that our little sugar house made the Bradford Era!
Fitz is explaining how the evaporator works.

The maple season came late this year.  We had a few good runs of sap and then it got cold again.  The positive side of the cold snap is that it kind of "resets" the maple season.  Yesterday was a good run and I hope to have a lot of sap in the tanks today.  There's a specific sound that makes the maple syrup producer's heart soar.  You can hear it below:

The sound of sap running into the tanks!  We're not "on vacuum" which means all the sap in our lines is fed into the tanks by gravity instead of a vacuum pump pulling the sap from the lines.  So that sound is pure sap running downhill from many, many trees.

Just in time for the Maple Weekend I had some new chicks delivered.  I wanted the children coming to have an opportunity to look at the cuteness.  The new members to my flock will be buff orpingtons,  easter eggers, dominique, cochin, barnvelder, welsummer, and giant whites.  

Finally, some sun and the animals sucked up the sunshine!

The turkeys have decided it's the breeding season and are courting the poor lonely hen!

And the horses are getting to go across the road to their summer pasture during the day.  

Here, they follow me to the gate from the barn...

...And here, the walk off into their ten acres of grass.

The old girl, Sassy, is 31 years old and she's having a harder time with the cooler weather.  As an old horse, she's starting to get gaunt looking. She wears her blanket to give her a little more warmth so she doesn't shiver off her weight.

I don't know if it's possible that the animals are happier than me that SPRING is coming!


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