Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Horse Talk

You have to love when you live in on a street where there can be a stray horse.  Not a dog or cat, but a horse!  

The mare outside the fence lives in the pasture next to ours with six other horses and she is a real Houdini at getting out of her fencing.  Luckily, we live on a dead end road and people don't drive too terribly fast.  We've become accustomed to her antics and she's rarely on the road.  Most of the time she goes to the lush grass in the field beside her pasture.  She is a chubby girl!  We either put her back in her pasture ourselves or her owner, who checks on her and his other horses multiple times a day, puts her back.  He constantly works on the fences to try to figure out where she's getting out.  

She loves to come up to visit my horses and the other morning I watched my two gelding boys "show off" for her.    

It's really funny how Sassy, the 30-year-old mustang, walks between them as if to say, "knock it off, boys!"

Yesterday was a super windy day and when I moved the horses across to their 10-acre pasture they were all wound up and running.  I got a few seconds clip of them running until they ran into the trees.  It's a lovely sight!

My husband always says that these horses hit the "horsey lottery" when they came to live here!

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