Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Maple Season Freight Train

Maple Season came upon us like a freight train.  One day we're looking out at below zero temperatures and the next day the snow melted and suddenly we have to start tapping trees right now!

So, we get outside and get to work!  Lo and behold the sap is running and we're actually getting splashed a little bit as we pound the spiles into the tree!

I love maple season.  After spending a sedentary winter it feels so great to get outside and walk up and down the mountains, over trees and through brush, feeling the ground soften beneath your feet and noticing all the little wonders of the forest.  

Sometimes you come across something strange and wonderful.. like the remains of a tree that once grew around a previous generation's barbed wire fence and now has decomposed into artful and fantastic shapes.  

Now I need to get out into the forest and work on getting all those taps done and boiling started.  We're behind the curve as our neighbor maple producers are boiling already! (Granted, they have a lot more young labor to help them out in the forest :  )  )

On a final note.  Does anyone know where I can find a drain plug for a Red Lion Semi-trash pump? Model 6RLAG-2ST.  Just the plug....

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