Friday, September 2, 2016

Mushy Eggs

Sorry, this isn't a recipe!  

When you buy eggs from the grocery store, you just don't get to see all the many different eggs that are laid.  Anything that is not symmetrical or the wrong size is culled out.  When you have chickens though, you'll get many different variations on egg shapes and sizes.  We've had little tiny eggs no larger than a grape and giant eggs that makes you wonder how the hen even managed to lay it!  We've had long skinny eggs that definitely don't fit the definition of "egg shaped" and very squat eggs.  Sometimes eggs will have a very rough pattern and sometimes they'll have a hunk of calcium stuck in/on the shell.     

And every once in awhile you get an egg that is laid without a shell!  The membrane that's inside an egg holds it together, but no shell.  Hence, mushy eggs.  

I handed this egg to the hubby last night and he was utterly repulsed by the texture.  

We don't eat them because I'm pretty sure the shell is the barrier between nasty bacteria and the inside of the egg and who knows what passed through that simple membrane?  

Pretty freaky, isn't it?  


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