Friday, August 12, 2016

Look What Came Wandering Out Of The Edge Of The Yard

Yesterday, while I was doing my morning chores, this came wandering out of the brushy edge of the yard.  

Look at the two little balls of fluff beside this mama duck.  They're a cross between a peking male and this muscovy female.  I think it's hard for them to produce fertilized eggs, so this may explain why there are only two ducklings.  

We thought that one of our ducks had been taken by a predator or, hoped, that is was hiding and sitting on eggs.  It looks like the second choice occurred!  

It's kind of cruel, but I would like to take the babies and put them under a heat lamp because sometimes predation doesn't give them a chance to grow up.  However, this mama duck is staying well away from me and I'm hoping her instinct to keep these ducklings hidden and away from everyone will keep them safe. 

Turkey update:  It appears that I have three toms and two hens.  The other day, one more started gobbling and fanning at me.

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