Sunday, February 21, 2016

We Have Piglets!

February 20, 2016

Flower successfully gave birth to six of the cutest piglets you ever want to see!  

A couple of them are tucked up under her front leg and you can see the tiniest piglet by her back leg.  The tiny one near her back leg is sooooo cute!  It's ears are still folded and it looks like a baby rabbit!  

Their have gorgeous coloring - four orange and two black and white.  One orange piglet doesn't have any black on him at all!  I believe there are four boars and two gilts.  But I didn't mess with them too much because I didn't want to disturb mama.  

This sow's temperament was outstanding.  I was in the pen with her the whole time and she easily let me move around piglets to ensure they weren't stepped on or laid on.  She became restless if I picked them up and made them squeal though, so I refrained from too much handling.     

Interestingly, there was a seventh piglet.  But it was born mummified.  I read about this and I found that if a piglet dies in the womb before a certain age, it will be absorbed.  If a piglet dies after a certain age, it will be mummified.  I didn't take any pictures of this because it is not pretty.  Or as my son said, "oh, gross!"

Now I'll cross my fingers that they all grow well without being laid on, stepped on, etc!


  1. Congratulations! New babies are always an exciting change especially in winter. It helps break up the monotony.

    1. How exciting! Here's hoping they are healthy and happy little piglets ;)

  2. Oh how good for you. Love baby pigs...kiss a few snouts for me!