Monday, January 11, 2016

New Fences!

One of the best things that has happened at the farm recently is that we have finally moved the horses over to our property.  

The biggest challenge to this move was putting up fences.... extra time was absolutely not on our side this year!  

But we finally got it done and I'll tell you, my hubby definitely believes in the make it right the first time theory!

Five strands of electric fencing and a heavy duty gate!  

This small area next to our house will be the winter pasture.  Obviously it's not enough for four horses to live on permanently!

So the next project.... fencing in the 10 acre property across the road.  We had a portion of it cleared this fall - leaving part of the crappy poplar trees as a windbreak on the left hand side and some of the right hand trees for aesthetics and that's where the beehives are located.  Now the big task of finishing the clearing, getting it fenced, and getting pasture seed planted begins!


  1. Good luck with the fencing- looks great! Enjoyed your pics of the critters on your homestead.

  2. I know of a lot of dairy farmers who give their cows plenty of space to graze. Their land is huge, but they still keep the cows enclosed with a fence and gate so that none go toward the road. Keeping them fenced in, but giving them enough freedom to roam a little bit helps keep them safe and secure.