Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Have An Excuse! Meet Bandit and Sassy.

I've noticed in blogger world that lately many bloggers have been a bit lax in their writing.  I'm pretty sure I can attribute it to many people who are busy getting in the fall harvest - I'm on of them.  Spaghetti sauce is made, tons of vegetables are frozen, chickens are butchered, and garden cleanup has begun.  But I have another excuse for being too busy to blog!  

Meet my new babies: 

Bandit and Sassy!

I know this isn't the best picture.  The cute little neighbor girl who helped me with Sunday Horse Beauty Parlor Day was walking my other horse, Lady, back to the field.  If I lead Bandit, the only boy in the group, ALL the girls follow him.  But this picture was taken moments before the two decided to take a walk over to another field.  We eventually rounded them all up and got them in their pasture.  

"Bandit," is my little paint gelding and just an absolute dream to ride.  He has a ton of personality and love, love, loves going out on the trail.   

"Sassy," the chestnut, is a mustang.  She even has the freeze brand on her neck that lets me know that she came from an area north of Las Vegas.  She is a sweet heart too.  

Both horses have pretty much zero vices!  Sure, Bandit will try to duck his head and run back to the other horses if he gets the chance while I'm cantering him, but if I'm firm with him he gives up.  And Sassy has a straight legged gait that jars your teeth, but she'll go just about anywhere you'll point her.  

These two horses have really re-ignited my love of riding!

Lady, whom you can see being led in the background, had a leg injured during a lightning strike which ended up in the demise of one of the other horses in the field.  She's slowly recovering, and I hope she'll be ridable again by spring.  If not, she'll live out her life as a pampered pasture pet.  

So, if you notice I'm not writing as much, it's because I'm out and about on the trails enjoying the beautiful fall foliage before winter weather really sets in and I park myself in front of the wood stove!

Happy Trails!

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