Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tiger Lilies

It's bloom time for the tiger lilies.  Growing up in New York state, tiger lilies could be found in ditches everywhere.  To me, tiger lilies around a mailbox epitomize rusticity and "hominess". 

What I know as tiger lilies are also known as ditch lilies in parts of the country.  

There is much confusion about Tiger Lilies. An oriental variety is very similar. The major difference is that the oriental Tiger Lily propagates through a bulbs that forms at leaf axils. The common wildflower Tiger Lily  is a profuse propagator by means of tuberous roots. Both varieties have edible roots and have been used for medicinal purposes. Source:

The oriental tiger lily seems to have more defined spots than the wildflower variety and not grow as tall or prolifically.  I love that I can plant a few of the wildflower variety along a wall and within a few years they completely fill the space.  

Aren't they just lovely?!?


  1. I absolutely love my Tiger/Ditch Lillies. I've debated off and on about planting them around the mailbox (that's also right beside the neighbor's mailbox....both are on my side of the street) but I've wondered if it might attract too many bees that would get testy when mail was placed in the box or removed.

  2. I haven't noticed any bees around them when I get the mail - and our beehives are right across the road!