Monday, June 22, 2015


One of our Muscovy ducks bred with our Peking duck drake.  I'm interested to see if there will be any offspring.  From what I've read, there might be, but they'll probably be sterile.  

The muscovy picked one of the few places in which she could sit on her eggs in peace.  In the goat pen!  She eats with the goats and goes out when we put them out for the day.  

Who is this strange creature in our pen?

I am sure it is NOT a goat. 

But I like to share the food it eats.  

We leave these round things alone because it hisses at us if we get close to them.  

The neighbors don't mind it though.  

I've read that a muscovy duck sits on her eggs for 35 days.  We have a couple of more weeks before we'll find out if the eggs are viable.  

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  1. Good luck on the hatch....and don't forget to get pictures of those little flappy footed fuzzballs!