Monday, July 7, 2014

Bear Damage?

This is a heart stopping sight to come upon in the morning. 

Of course its one of our best hives. 

I thought a bear had come in and tried to get into the hives.  But after looking at it, I found the 2 x 10 that the hives had been sitting on had given way and the hives tipped over.  The bees didn't seem too upset about their world being turned on its side and we pretty easily got them back upright.  

But it still made me nervous about bears.  So the electric fence is well charged and we put in place our summertime motion detector.  Its a driveway alarm and we put the receiver end in our bedroom to turn on at night.  So far the only thing we've had a problem with is an opossum.

The rest of the home hives (these hives are at our house) are doing well.

Why is it, that no matter how nice the front entrance to the hive may be, the bees will use a little hole in the back if its available?

The summer garden is coming on nicely now.  We've had garlic scapes, basil, summer squash, and cucumbers, so far.  

I'm off to the new bi-monthly Farmers Market at the Charles Cole Memorial Hospital by the gift shop!

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