Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Look What Came In The Mail Last Week

They're under the heat lamp, thus the red tint to the photo. 

I like Ideal Poultry for my chicks.  I've had good luck over the years and their customer service is very good.  This batch of chicks came with: 

5 New Hampshire Red Pullets
5 Delaware Pullets
5 Speckled Sussex Pullets
3 Gold Laced Cochin Pullets
2 Gold Laced Cochin Males
5 Hatchery Choice Guinea Hens Straight Run

Unfortunately, we lost one Guinea Hen to the stress of shipping and then on of the Cochins got a pasty butt and even after cleaning it didn't survive.  All the remaining chicks are growing fast and getting sassy!

I used to order my chicks in April/May (Easter time) - the traditional chick starting time.  But I found that I had to keep the heat lamp on them night and day because of the chill weather.  These spring-bought chicks tend to not mature enough to start laying eggs before the short days of winter set in, so I wouldn't get eggs from them before the following spring anyway.  

So I decided to start getting the chicks in June.  I can put the heat lamp on them at night and turn it off in the daytime (saving electricity).  Its soooo much nice to walk down to the chicken coop - the chicks are in the garden tool half - in summer's warm weather than to have to brave cold temperatures.  And, after a couple of years of having chicks in the basement and getting chicken dust everywhere (chickens can be quite dirty), I decided I would rather they be outside!

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