Friday, March 28, 2014

More Eggs!

I had an earlier post about the egg drought being over and oh, boy is it!  This is yesterday's take and the number of eggs grows daily.  Hurray!

I love that this group of freshly washed eggs is a visual feast as well as an edible one.  

Did you know?

Eggs were fertility symbols, German farmers in ancient times smeared eggs on their plows to ensure fertile fields.  Colored eggs are considered powerful and are tossed into the laps of women who want to become pregnant.  Some feel that this idea of colored eggs is how painting eggs as Easter began.   


  1. Few sights prettier than a freshly broken new egg into the frying pan atop the bubbling butter. I love the bright orange yolk which perches high above the tight white and tastes like a flavor explosion.

    1. Oh yes! And as the summer goes on it just gets better and better!