Thursday, January 30, 2014

Farmed and Dangerous

Chipolte has put together a series to air on Hulu that looks very interesting.  


The trailer makes the series look hilarious.  

Youtube hosts a number of shorts by the series' main character, "Buck Marshall."

I know I'll be watching!

But....I'm of two minds on this series.  

On one hand, will the public pay more attention and become more aware of the problems with our commercial food industry if the problems are made entertaining?  

On the other hand though, if we make the problems in our food industry more entertaining, do they become diminished by becoming a joke?  

What are your thoughts? 

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  1. The clips are VERY funny but I do wonder about the industrial food industry being 'accepted' by being funny. I'm sure that's not what the intent of the show is though.
    On another note, have you watched Farm Kings on the GAC channel? I think of you whenever it's on because they are in PA. It's a really good show!

    1. I haven't watched it Candy. Unfortunately I don't get the GAC channel here.

    2. But, I see there are episodes on Youtube. I'll be watching!