Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter December 2013


to Winter, December 2013.  

Winter weather hot water hauling.  Twice a day!

The gardens...

...have gone to sleep. 

Piggy boudoir 

They're warm and toasty!

Piggy dining room/lounging area.

A nice place dry place for meals. 

There are always weeds, but they're pretty with the snow on them.

The chickens and ducks declined to make an appearance today. 

Bees are wrapped up for the cold weather.  

The high tunnel gradually builds up snow mounds along it's sides. 

We'll fill the bird feeders in a few more weeks - when we're sure the bears have gone to bed!

Our schnauzer, Petey, helps me with morning chores.  This short haircut helps to keep snow iceballs from forming on his legs!

Boots, the most beautiful cat. 

Hobbes, another beauty.

Ginger refuses to have her picture taken!

All are warm and dry here at Fitzgerald's Family Farm and we dream of spring (yep, already)!


  1. Sweet pictures, thanks for sharing. I grew up on the Schuylkill at the Chester/Montgomery county line and remember those long cold drift-filled winters of the Sixties. We left for warmer climes in mid-72, but the first fifteen years of one's life never really goes away.

  2. My chickens won.t come out in the cold either. Love your kitties.

  3. Looks like everybody is safe and cozy despite the cold and snow. I hope you've having a warm and wonderful Christmas.