Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some Things To Know About Owning Angora Rabbits

#1 Rule of Angora Rabbits:  Start with ONE.  Do not get overzealous and buy four (like I did).  Start with one and get your feet wet in the wonderful world of fiber animals.  Plus, when you have four, you find that they, um, breed like rabbits, and you end up with more rabbits than you want to own.

#2 Grooming:  Be prepared to brush them many times a week.  Do not let the wool get wet.  Angora fur is soft and lovely, but it mats very easily.  Plan on trimming fur around their privates so it doesn't get poopy.  Trim their nails often.

#3 Feeding:  Angora rabbits need fresh water, a very high protein feed and lots of good fresh hay.  The hay is essential to keep them from getting wool block - a problem when they ingest to much wool while cleaning themselves and it blocks their intestinal tract.  Occasional treats.

#3 Processing Fiber:  Know what to do with the fiber when you get it.  Research, research, research!  Otherwise you'll find that you end up with bags of wool and you're not quite sure what to do with it.

#4  Be prepared to fall in love.  If you do decide to start raising angora rabbits, you will find they have the most wonderful temperament!  Who can pass up those adorable faces?  They're sweet and forgiving. 


After about a year of owning my rabbits I decided to sell them all.  I found that the time and care commitment I needed to give them was more than I wanted.  I have so much going on on this little farm and I found I couldn't give them the time they needed.  It wasn't the rabbits themselves (they're lovely), but the care of their fur that became a problem.  The person to whom I sold them owns rabbits and knows the level of care they'll need.  I miss the little buggers, but I feel relief that I don't have to give so much time to their care!   

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