Thursday, December 27, 2012

Woowee That's A Lot Of Snow!

We have been blessed with a mild winter.  I know that a lot of people like winter and snow.  When you're hauling hot water to the chickens and rabbits, shoveling poo, carrying sacks of feed, and doing the myriad of chores around the farmlet, then less snow certainly makes chores simpler!

But boy oh boy did we get dumped on last night!  Solomons Words For The Wise posted a picture which shows a measuring stick with 15 inches of snow by 9:40 last night - and it kept on coming!

Chores will be a lot harder, but the critters have to eat.  I'll shovel out an area where the chickens can lounge outside and have their breakfast  I'll make sure the bunnies have lots of extra hay and feed.  Last night, with the oncoming storm I filled their sleeping area with a big pile of hay so they could snuggle down into it and keep warm.  So now I guess its time to go use my knees as a cow catcher and bust a path down to the coop!


  1. That's just what I do! Shovel a place where the chickens can get outside for a while and peck around in the snow!

  2. Looks lovely but I must say I don't miss dealing with it on a day to day basis. I grew up in Valley Forge and now live near San Francisco where if want to see snow, we drive three hours to the Sierra Nevada and see it in all its radiant glory.

  3. Brrr...
    The most we ever get is an inch or two. You guys up north are a LOT tougher than we are! :)

  4. I have been wishing for snow,but like Candy we don't get a lot. I might change my mind if I had to plow thru it to get to my animals.

  5. Days like today make me envy all the southerners who visit my blog!