Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celery As A House Plant?

To my surprise the celery plants that I started from seed did beautifully in the garden this year and I dehydrated a bunch for winter soups.  The flavor is so very much better than store bought celery.  The texture is tougher so I like to use it in recipes more than I like eating it raw.

 Quite often though, recipes call for fresh chopped celery.  Celery almost tops the Dirty Dozen list for the most pesticide-ridden crop and organic celery is crazy expensive.  Then I read a blog about a woman who started growing celery plants from the bottoms of old celery and I figured that since my celery already has a great root system, why don't I try repotting it and growing it indoors?  

Yesterday I dug up four celery plants (I had to clean off a bunch of outer stalks as the frost had got to them) and planted it in a pretty pot.  

Oops, ignore the ugly price sticker!

I think it makes a pretty nice looking "house plant."  We'll see if it grows!

I have more celery plants in the garden. Give me a call if you would like to come and dig up a plant to pot (hurry though, the frost/snow may kill it pretty fast).


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  2. I would like to come and dig up some celery at your place, but I live too far away! I'd be interested in seeing how it does, and maybe give it a try here! Keep us posted!

  3. It does make a pretty houseplant! Let us know how it does indoors! :)

  4. I'll be interested to see how the celery looks a month from now!

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  6. On 11/23/20, I was about to discard the base of a head of celery. Instead I placed it in water to root, and planted it in a pot on 1/3. The leaves are a beautiful shade of green. I have no houseplant that consumes more water than this plant. Today (3/23/21) its going to be potted up to a larger pot.