Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Gem In Elkland, PA

We took the pigs to the butcher this weekend and on the way back we found this little gem of a garden in Elkland, PA.  

If you're driving through the town just a too little fast and fail to look to the side you'll miss this little gem located on a narrow lot.  Only a tiny part of the garden is visible from the main street.  
(The sun was setting when we found this and the pictures are not as brilliant as I hoped they would be!) 

Then.... you drive around to the back, make a right and drive through a non-descript parking lot and bamm!  you're hit between the eyes with astounding beauty as you negotiate the narrow alley.  

Both sides of the tiny one lane alley have been turned into a virtual wonderland!

 Above, you can see the trucks driving by on the main street.

You'll find this garden as you're heading east on Rt 49 through Elkland, PA.  Look to your right just before the traffic light.  Take a right at the light then make another right through the parking lot behind the buildings to see the rest of the garden.     



  1. How lovely, you truly did find a hidden gem! :)

  2. Cool!!! What a treat to find something like that! The pics are nice too!
    My husband informed me we will have our pigs a few more weeks! I was happy! They can grow a bit more and I can enjoy them a little longer!

  3. Wow so lovely! I'm ready for a drive to go visit, love places like that.