Friday, May 11, 2012

Hives Pulled From Town

We had to pull our hives from town last night.  As we drove past we saw one had been knocked over and found out that there had been a bear visiting the area.  It got into a couple of dumpsters and tore apart a cage and killed a pet rabbit.  

The bear climbed over a six foot, barbed-wire fence, and through an electric fence to get to our hives.  It knocked over and partially destroyed one hive.  We've learned that once bears get a taste of that sweetness they'll keep coming back until all of the hives are destroyed. 

We moved the hives to our house.  Poor hubby got stung a number of times( right through his suit!) by the very, very angry bees!  A bear trap has been set up in the area for the bear to be caught and relocated.  Once that happens we plan to move the hives back.

Illustration of Black Bear eating honey from a bee hive


  1. Oh man that's too bad. Bear must have been really hungry for something sweet to scale a fence.
    At least it only got one, and I know how expensive a new hive can be. Hope it doesn't set your honey production too far behind.
    Do you sell it or just use it for yourselves?

  2. I'll bet the bees WERE very angry at having their hives messed with by the bear and then moved! I hope your hubby is okay!