Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Will We Have Sap Today?

This morning the thermometer shivered at 10-degrees fahrenheit.  But according to the weather channel it's supposed to get up to a balmy 42-degrees today.  If this happens the maple sap should run like crazy!  Then I'll add pictures of (hopefully) full collection tanks to this blog.   

Sap update:  The temperature never got above 34-degrees yesterday and when I looked at the maple lines I could see the frozen sap inside them.  Today the temperature started at 32-degrees and I'm crossing my fingers for sap-flowing weather.  Thank you for your "warm" thoughts!


  1. Got my fingers crossed for warmer weather! :)

  2. I sent warm thoughts-hope it helped!

  3. Praying for warmer weather for you. Would love to see pictures

  4. Best wishes for warm days and cold nights. Don't forget, we need the sap to run back down into the roots at night so we can get more the next day!

    1. Yes! We're having crazy weather. A bit of a roller coaster.