Thursday, February 24, 2011



After I got off work yesterday, I thought I would take a ride and look at my sap lines.  What a pleasant surprise!

In the top photo you can clearly see the sap running out of the lines.  Those icicles hanging off the tank are all maple sap.

  The bottom photo shows an area we tap that is very shady.  A lot of junk gets built up in the lines and all that green gunk you see has washed out.  That's why we run the lines a bit before we stick them into the tanks.  If you look at the bottom photo near the top center you can see the stream of maple sap.  

After I took these photos I stuck the lines into the tanks - we're collecting!  Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope Mother Nature does her part!

The worst that can happen (I can't believe I'm saying this) is that it gets too warm too fast.  We want below freezing nights and above freezing days.  

Maple Sap Weather for Wednesday -  6:30 a.m. temperature:  -3 degrees
4 p.m. temperature: 33-degrees.

Got Sap?

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  1. Disappointing today. Less than 30 gallons. It's not even worth pumping out of the tanks. This is the roller coaster of maple time.