Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Our Little Forest

In December of 2017, we purchased about 23 acres of forest nearby.  The property was lightly logged by Amish (much less impact on the environment) and in the process, a few nice trails were created. 

One of our other purchases of 2017 was a Vizsla puppy.  And the saying, "a good vizsla is a tired vizsla" is certainly true!  Ladybird, our young vizsla, needs me to get her out of the house for some exercise at least once a day or she becomes cuckoo!  Our trails through the new forest give her plenty of running space.  The exercise seems to help our old lab, Daisy, as well.  

The peace of a calm and silent forest is like meditation.  It soothes and rejuvenates at the same time.  

I really enjoy seeing signs of wildlife.  The white-tailed deer travel on self-made highways through our little forest.

And I was confused by the tracks you see below but found that an animal who travels by stepping into their own tracks is probably a red fox. 

What made this track?  I'm not sure.  I thought it might be vole tunnels, but that's just speculation.

Most days in which the wind isn't blowing hard you'll find me taking time in this forest.  I'm leery of widowmaker trees when the wind blows hard and walk carefully.  

What is a widowmaker? In the general sense, it’s anything that has the potential to kill men, thereby making widows of their wives. In a more specific sense, widowmakers are dead branches caught precariously high in trees, ready to fall on unsuspecting individuals below (source: https://www.offgridweb.com/preparation/the-danger-of-widowmaker-trees/).  

I certainly wouldn't want to be standing near this tree below when it gives out!

This forest is a wonderful place for walks and peace, but it serves a much more real purpose in that it will keep us in firewood for years to come.



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  1. It looks like a wonderful place for walking - just not by that tree...