Saturday, January 13, 2018

Winter Gave Us A Wonderful Little Respite

Although the current temperature is 11-degrees and it feels like -4-degrees, yesterday's temperature was 59-degrees.  What a wonderful little break!

It gave me a chance to do all those "little" outside chores without it being absolutely painful!

✔  The outside Christmas lights put away.

✔  Horse stalls and chicken coop completely mucked out and laid with nice clean warm bedding.

But the very best part of the day was walking out to check on the bees and hearing lots and lots of humming!

  When I got to them they were flying all over the place!  This is a wonderful thing to see because you may not know it, but bees will "hold it"  all winter.  They will not pooh in the hive!  This quick little break of warm weather gives them a chance to go out and pooh (and when you look in the sky above the hives you might actually see them doing it) and it helps reduce the chance of them coming down with nosema, a kind of "dysentery" in the spring.  Funny thing, I remember an old beekeeper telling me that you never want to site your clothesline near your beehives because those mustard colored droppings are very staining!     

Image result for bee poop

We're back to winter with lots of snow, but wow the break was great!

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  1. And on these few winter days.............everyone seems to smile!