Friday, June 30, 2017

Blueberry Pest Control

The blueberries are hanging with the weight of unripened blueberries.  This happens almost every year.... and just as they get ripe.... the Japanese beetles come in and destroy the plants and especially the fruit!  

This year I'm fighting back.  

First I cleaned up all around the blueberry bushes.  

Grass clippings are your friend to help control weed growth.

And look what I found while I was tidying up the area!  

Egg identification listed the eggs as either house or song sparrows.  I carefully replaced everything exactly as I found it and am crossing my fingers that mom and dad sparrow come back to raise their family. 

 After cleaning around the bushes and mulching with grass clippings, I covered the berries with the lightest row cover fabric I could find.  

I don't think the Japanese beetles will get through that!

I hope to get a decent blueberry crop this year!

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