Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March = Spring!

We saw the first robins this weekend.  They must migrate together because all of the sudden there were lots of them!  

I haven't laid eyes on one yet, but while we were out tapping maple trees we've heard the familiar trill of another harbinger of spring... the red-winged blackbird!  

The daffodils and tulips are pushing up through their mulch, and yesterday, at my son's trap shooting meet, I looked down and saw a true, yellow, dandelion flower!

I hadn't written about it, but late last fall we had a disaster in our Odin bee yard.  A large tree branch had fallen across the wire from our solar fence charger and a bear had taken advantage of the power interruption.  The damage speaks for itself. 

One hive managed to be just shifted and there were still bees in it, so we're hoping they'll survive the winter.  

Every year we contemplate going on with beekeeping and every year we decide to keep doing it.  I guess it gets in your blood.

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