Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hoar Frost and a Jack Frost Frolic


It's very, very cold today and we had clear skies last night - leading to hoar frost.  The earth has been painted with a white palette of crystals.  

This lovely little school primer was always around the house when I was growing up.  I found the stories and illustrations incredibly fascinating and read it many, many times.  

So, when I see frost, my mind turns to this simple little story of Jack Frost and his antics. 

Note that is was written by Mary E. Pennell - Formerly Assistant Supervisor of Schools, Kansas City, Missouri and Alice M. Cusack - Directory of Kindergarten and Primary Grades, Kansas City Missouri

In 1929!
I hope I'm not infringing any copyrights by printing these few pages.  They're just to lovely to not share!

I wonder where Jimmie Dale and Beverly might be now.  

And the story begins.   Don't you just love the simply colored but incredibly stylistic illustrations? 

This and the page below are what I think about when I see a fancifully frosted window.  

Isn't imagination a wonderful thing?

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