Saturday, February 27, 2016

Idaho Pastured Piglets Playing

Is there anything cuter than a batch of piglets playing?  Watch these little ones run and jump.  They're adorable!  You can hear mom smacking her lips as she eats her breakfast.  One piglet had burrowed under the hay and I brushed away a bit of hay so that it would come out to play.   

This breed of pigs is mentioned in the January/February issue of "Grit" magazine.  In fact, the article's writers are the people from whom we acquired our pigs.  Idaho Pastured Pigs are a wonderful small homestead breed that does well on pasture.  

Although the article mentions that their sows farrow out on the pasture, we bring in our sow for farrowing because we've had losses in the past due to extremely low temperatures (below zero).  We only have one breeding pair, so we really baby our pigs and piglets.  

To the people who have contacted me about purchasing Idaho Pastured Pigs.  I wanted to make sure the piglets thrived before I contacted you.  I am in the process of working to create some non-related breeding pairs and deciding which will piglets will become barrows.  I will be contacting everyone shortly.  

See the link above for more information about Idaho Pastured Pigs.   

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