Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We Had A Great Reprieve, But Winter Has Come

We had a great break on the weather this year.  We've had some cold temps and lots of rain, but not a lot of snow.  Now it's here.  

This is the time of year in which I think, "Why am I doing this?"  

I haul warm water twice a day to the chickens, pigs, and goats.  Luckily the horses have a large tank with a heater in it - but, we don't have water run to the barn yet, so I must haul a garden hose into the house to thaw out and then haul it back outside to fill the tank - twice a week. 

Through snow.  

I have a great sled that has high sides and makes it much easier to haul the water, but then I hit a bump, or deep snow,  and the buckets fall over.  And then I want to cry because I have to take the buckets back into the house and refill them with hot water.  

Pooh freezes to the floor of the pens and I have to chip it off.  Doors that previously opened easily become wedged with snow or ice and must be shoveled out and the ice carved away.

Everything is harder in winter!  

Ok.  End of whining.  Critters, who's presence I deeply enjoy, are depending on me and it's time to get to work!  

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