Saturday, June 14, 2014

The High Tunnel Is Done... Except For Cleanup and Weeding Begins (Plus Some Cute Piglet Videos)

I wish I had more time to blog, but sooooo many things take my time.  One thing I've been working on - and its time sensitive (the garden must get put in in the spring!) - is my high tunnel and outside gardens.  Just building the infrastructure of the high tunnel takes a lot of time and that's just before the planting begins.  But, I finally got everything pretty much in except for the fine tuning and the cleanup.  

From the picture above you can see that I've built a permanent bed on one side of the high tunnel.  This is dedicated to trees and tender perennials.  I'm excited about the little shrub below... its a goji berry tree.  

I've also planted sweet and sour cherries and peaches.  I hope to keep them pruned to smaller size. 

Every year I try to plant greens and broccoli and every year the flea beetles and cabbage moths destroy my crops.  I tried using row covers but the heat would build up under them and pretty much cook my vegetables.  Then I came across these sheer curtains and thought I'd give them a try.  

They worked VERY well as you can see by the beautiful greens below.  Now I'll sew the curtains together and make a proper support for them.  I think a PVC tube cage will work well. 

I love having flowers in my high tunnel!


Remember my fig tree?  It was just coming up?

Look at it now!  But I don't think its going to grace us with figs yet this year. 

Finally, a couple of short videos of Fern, our Idaho Pastured Pig piglet.  She's growing fast and getting solid!

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