Friday, May 23, 2014

The Wait Is Over! Piglet(s)!

Flower finally gave birth to.... TWO piglets.  

The first little girl is doing well.  Unfortunately the second piglet was stillborn.  

We were afraid that there might be more piglets stuck inside her.  She was so huge!  The vet couldn't find anymore piglets.  This is our first experience with pig farrowing, so maybe its a blessing that we get to learn with just this one.    

Here is our new baby Idaho Pastured Pig.  Her new owners have IPPs named "Charlotte" and "Wilbur" from the Charlotte's Web book and this little girl's name stays in character.  She's "Fern."  I like the delicate name for such a sweet little girl.  

Her coloring is gorgeous.  She has white on all four legs, a white lightning bolt on her back (appropriate because there was a nasty thunderstorm the night Flower labored), white ears (one ear is turned over at the tip), and beautiful rust and black coloring over the rest of her body.  She looks like a mouse when you look at her ears from the back and a cow when you look at her face.  She is adorable!  

Flower is a very good mother to her and we hope this little piglet will grow fast on the buffet of teats from which she chooses.  She goes up and down the lines while she eats, getting a little bit from each one.  

BTW, we will be putting Flower on a diet after Fern is weaned!

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